Freestyle Recurve Archery

This is the one you will most likely have seen if ever watched archery in the Olympics.

It is a recurve bow (can see the curves on the limbs) and it has a sight on it to make it Freestyle. This one also has a stabiliser system which you can see.

This is one of the most common forms of archery

Barebow Archery

This comes in many forms but basically it means no sight on the bow. Can be a barebow recurve bow, a horsebow or a flat bow.

This is more of a challenge to shoot but very rewarding and with the range of bows available it makes it one of the most diverse forms

Compound Archery

This is the most modern form of archery

As you can see the bow has cams on it and this results in taking some of the effort out of holding the full poundage. You can also use a magnifed scope in Compound archery.

This is archery made by technology for the 20th Century and is fantastic fun and very competitive.

Archery is a very old pastime, dating back to as far as 12,000 BC! It started as a form of hunting and a war time weapon and today it is mainly used for sport and a hobby. But there are many different types of archery you may wish to take up

Types of Archery