Current Club Indoor Handicaps

Handicap System

All archers that shoot with the club are welcome to join the Handicap Scheme.

This is an Archery GB scheme so all archers can get a handicap rating and therefore when we do a handicap trophy in competitions etc everyone is treated equal regardless of bow type or ability. It is about shooting to the best of your own ability.

To obtain a handicap you just need to shoot 3 complete rounds and submit to our records officer Mark James. After that you must ensure you submit all scores and he will record these and update your handicap if needed.

Indoor Handicap season runs 1st July - 30th June. Handicaps are reset based on best 3 scores of the past year on the 1st July so if not had a great year you will not be punished by having a lower handicap than you should.

You can have a handicap for each bow style you shoot.

The handicap system is a useful tool for yourself to aim at. Something that if you like can work on to improve as much as possible as well as give an indication of what an equal score equivalent would be for each round based on your ability.

If you have any questions about the handicap system just speak to Mark

We have just started giving handicaps for shooting outside as well. Outside handicap season runs from 1st January-31st December. Same rules to get one as above. As our range is 30m only certain outside rounds can be shot but happy to discuss which rounds with you at club shoots.