Southsea Archery Club was founded in October 2012 by keen archery coaches Sonnie Emeney and Thomas Pickard. It was their ambition to start an archery club in central Portsmouth that could provide archery for anyone! Ever since then the club has been hosting Tasters, Beginners Courses, Events and working with schools with the aim of spreading the same archery bug that originally inspired us.

So far the club has established 3 ranges; one is at the Havelock Community Centre which is indoors and the other indoor range at Priory School; we also use the moat of Southsea Castle in the Summer.

Southsea Archery is fully mobile and we have the ability to move our equipment so we can provide archery at events, parties, at homes and schools. We have a very social club and put on various social events. To keep updated with the Events we are hosting, follow us on most social media sites.