How to Join

1. Book, attend a beginners course and get your certificate.

2. Come and shoot with us :) 

At our club we have a unique set-up which means you don't have to have Archery GB membership unless you want to do competitions and trips away from the club! The only thing you need to join our club is a beginners course!

We don't have a yearly membership, we work on a pay per shoot basis so you only have to come when you want! 

Join the Club

Joining our club is very easy. 

Before you join the club you must have attended a beginners 

course. This is a simple 1 hour a week course for 6 weeks.

During the course you will be taught everything you need to know to be a competent and safe archer allowing you to attend club shoots. The club meets up to 3 times a week. We have 2 indoor ranges and an outdoor range. All our ranges are in the beautiful Southsea area of Portsmouth and fully accessible to all. 

We pride ourselves on our club social atmosphere where everyone is welcome and we work hard to put on competitions and trips to other clubs to provide variety as well as often doing social events too.