Cockleshell Sports Field

Whilst this is our newest shooting location it is also our biggest where we can shoot anything from 20 yards to a full 100 yards/90m!

We shoot here during the Summer (May-Aug) from 6pm to dark. People can practice and enjoy some shooting or can complete a round, it is up to them.

We really enjoy shooting here, especially when the sun is shining

You can find your way here by heading towards Henderson Road in Eastney and onto Cockleshell Gardens. There are signposts saying Sports Field. Shooting is £5 per session

Southsea Castle

Whilst we no longer shoot as much at Southsea Castle it is still an important part of our history.

Not only does the lighthouse at Southsea Castle appear on our logo but we have used the moat for archery since 2014 and something we have enjoyed doing.

With a maximum distance of 30m this is great for practice and some round shooting as well as competitions.

We do still try to shoot down here and even run a yearly have a go as part of the Rural and Seaside Show so you may see us there during the early May bank holiday.​

Havelock Centre

The Havelock Centre is our training location and where we hold all our courses as well as our Junior Club.

If you are doing a beginners course or taster session with us this will be where you will be.

The Havelock Centre is on Fawcett Road, just off Albert Road, near The Bold Forester pub.

Southsea Archery Club shoots on a regular basis and has a variety of ranges that we use. Anyone is welcome to come and join us.

Priory School

We have been shooting at Priory School since 2013. Priory School is located in the heart of Southsea, just off Fawcett Road.

At Priory School we shoot up to 20 yards with a variety of rounds available to shoot, or you can just practice. We also hold many of our competitions here. Our coaches are always prepared to help and advise.

When do we shoot here:

Wednesdays (Sept-Apr) 8pm-9:45pm - £5

Saturdays (Sept-Apr) 3:45pm-5:45pm - £4 for one hour, £6 for two hours

There are times we do not shoot due to exams etc so please contact us if not sure.