Pin Badge Scheme

We also run a pin badge scheme. This is currently just for a Portsmouth round but something we will look to expand to other rounds.

You just need one score over the badge score value to earn that badge as proof of what you have achieved. This is open to any bow shooting style. Badges cost just 50p each.

Just see Records Officer Mark James at a club shoot, show him your score and you can get your badge

Badges available are for scores of 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, 500, 525, 550 and 575

This is a great way to push forward and something to aim for the next badge


Southsea Archery Club

Progression Scheme

Welcome to the Southsea Archery Club Progression Scheme. 

This scheme is designed to give ALL archers goals to aim for and give badges

to recognise achievements along the way. This is a relaxed scheme that is
purely for fun and adds an incentive to your shooting. 

How it Works

  1. You shoot a full qualifying round. Portsmouth, Bray, Stafford, Bray I, WA 18     
  2. ​Submit your scores to the club Records Officer Mark James who will keep all your scores recorded on file

  3. When you have shot 3 scores for a badge you will be eligible for your badge & just need to pay the £1 for the badge at any club shoot

  4.  Carry on shooting and submitting to earn a higher badge

​·        All scores must be submitted to Record Officer

·        ALL Scores must be shot at an Archery Club, with at least
         2 of the scores you submit shot at Southsea Archery Club

·        ALL of your scores submitted MUST be shot with the same style of bow

·        We may ask that another archer have witnessed any score to verify

To achieve a badge you must shoot and score 3 rounds over the required total.

You can shoot toward your badge at whatever club you like but at least 2 rounds have to be at a Southsea Archery Club Shoot.

You can download the scoring tables on the right. Don't worry if you don't achieve the score you need 3 times in a row as there's no time limit

There are 5 badges which go from white, black, blue, red to gold; gold being the hardest to achieve. There is no time limit to achieve your next badge you just shoot at your own pace and work towards the badge if and when you want to.