Groups and Parties

Archery is a sport for all, anyone can pick up a bow and learn to shoot. Archery is a great socialising activity to do with your group  either for corporate team building days or group parties. We can tailor the session to whatever you want your outcome to be.

We will work with every individual group and organise everything for you! With our mobile range we can even come to you!

How to Book. 

Email your name, group size, age range of group, date and time you want to or fill in the form at the
Contact Us page and we will come back to you with more details and a bespoke price depending on your requirements


At Southsea Archery Club we are committed to spreading archery to the next generation. To do this we are forming partnerships with schools and building learning programmes which we can work through on your site.

Our archery range is easily transportable and can be set up at your venue dependent on the suitability of interior or exterior space.

We can teach children from age 6 up!

Why to do archery

  • Good practical learning outside the classroom

  • Ties in well with history topics

  •  Flourishing club for continuing participation

  • Team building

  • Developing a new skill of an Olympic sport

If you would like to discuss how this could work at your school or some more information please get in touch with us by emailing southseaarcheryclub at or use the form at Contact Us