Archery at your School

At Southsea Archery Club we are committed to spreading archery to the next generation. To do this we are forming partnerships with schools and building learning programmes which we can work through on your site. Our archery range is easily transportable and can be set up at your venue dependent on the suitability of interior or exterior space.

We can teach children from age 6 up!

Reasons to do archery

  • Good practical learning outside the classroom
  • Ties in well with History topics
  •  Flourishing club for continuing participation
  • Team building
  • Developing a new skill of an Olympic sport

There are three main spaces that are often suitable for archery:

1)   Archery in halls (Ages 9 up)

If your school has a big hall with high-level windows we could probably set up there. These can be sports halls, cafeterias or just big spaces!

2) Archery outside (Ages 9 up)

Archery outside is great! There's nothing quite like learning outside the classroom. To set up an outdoor range we do need a pretty big space (about a football pitch size). The ground doesn't need to be grass, we can set up on any terrain.

3) Easy Archery (Ages 6-13)

Indoor archery is a relatively new form of archery that can be done in a classroom-sized space indoors or outdoors. This type of archery uses safe blunt equipment so the safety restrictions of the other types don't apply. This is a great type of archery which makes the sport far more accessible to the younger archer.

At the moment our permanent home is in a school sports hall. As you can see we can be very flexible in where we set up but if you are still unsure just contact us and get one of our instructors to come to your venue and check out the possibility of setting up a range (Travel costs may be charged depending on distance). 

Before we shoot anywhere a full risk assessment will have to be written and approved by you. Our rates are very reasonable but are dependent on many factors so all our costings will be calculated upon individual bookings with us. ​